Facial Treatment

gesicht behandlung Biel
For facial treatments, we use high quality and selected products from France (phytomer)
Aromatic relax facial treatment
Ginot skin Aromatic Treatment
100% Manual Treatment with Profestional Facial Skin Product
Phytomer Bienne

Deluxe Facial treatment with  Phytomer

facial spa Biel
1. Deluxe Facial Spa with Phytomer              
Facial skin assesment,Deep Facial Cleaining, Eyebrown correction, Active Serum on your Skin Type, Facial massage, Facial Mask

90 Min / CHF 130

Classic Facial treatment with Phytomer

Classic Facial Spa with Phytomer             
Facial Skin  assessment, Deep cleansing, Steaming,Aktic Serum on your skin type, Facialmassage, Facial Mask

60 Min / CHF 99

Aroma Relaxing Facial treatment with  Guinot

Facial Spa Biel
Aromatic Facial treatment
Aromatic Facial treatment
is a 90-minute soothing treatment that combines essential oils, a relaxing massage to hydrate, balance and energize the skin, and a plant-concentrate enriched mask.

  •     Relaxes facial features
  •     Reduces wrinkles
  •     Minimizes oil secretion
  •     Restores radiance
Secrets Treatment
  1. Essential oil treatment: An essential oil blend personalized for each skin type which penetrates the skin to balance, refresh and soothe the skin.
  2. Exclusive Guinot relaxation massage:The skin absorbs the essential oil blend to promote well-being.
  3. Plant extract mask:Skin is soothed and more radiant after the plant-concentrate infused mask.
  4. Eyebrown correction

75 Min / CHF 130

Aromatic Facial treatment plus Back, shoulder, neck Massage
  •     Relaxes facial features
  •    Reduces wrinkles
  •    Minimizes oil secretion
  •    Restores radiance
  •    Release tension Back,neck and shoulder
  •    Improve flexibility , inprove cireculation
120Min / CHF 170

Anti-Aging Facial Massage 60 Min

Anti-aging deep tissue Maasge for facial + a customised mask
60 min 1 hour /99.- Fr

Special tining Facial muscle help to improve circulation , Promote lymphatic system, with our special movement create relaxation feeling also nurished your skin.

After the massage you will receive a mask for your skin type
• Anti-Aging deep tissue facial massage
• face mask

Promotes blood circulation,
improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
Prevent aging, toning muscle
provides relaxation and well-being.