Warm Herbal Massage

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Massage with steamed herb

Pure natural products – flowers and herbs from all over the world and with only the very best result by combining innovation and tradition with the power of nature.We using the innovative steam unit. Together with our Special relaxing massage technique are ready for your treatment by ANATTA SPA

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 ``Traditional treatment methods `` 

Special offer, Anatta Spa combination between Steamed herbal stamps with warm oil massages for the cold season.
warm oil massage Bienne

Perfectly steamed and evenly temperature- controlled herb poultices are carefully guided over the body and give our Spa guest the feeling of being gently touched by a warm hand. The herbal stamp can be applied on the back, leg or Abdominal area.

The combination of warm massage oil is also slowly distributed on the skin. The herbal fragrance unfolds and puts you in deep relaxation. The warm massage pad glides over the body’s outline and smells wonderful. Let go, forget the stress, be spoilt – it has never been so easy.

The power of natur
the effectiveness
  • relaxation
  • Promote well-being
  • Improve blood circulation, warming up soft tissue
  • muscle relaxation
  • softness  skin and improve skin elasticity


Choose your Steam herb treatment Package here

Package 1. Back Massage with Steam Herb  75 Minute

Back Massage 45 Min + Warm steam Herb Massage on the back and shoulder area 30 Min

With our pure natural products (the herbs from the Alps), which pad with the innovative device together with the deep tissue massage technique with 45-55 ° C damped, promotes warmth tension, blood circulation, warming of the tissue
Back-Shoulder Muscle relaxation, reduce tension and discomfort

ca. 75 Min  129 .-Fr

Package 2. Herbal Relax ( Whole Body) 120 Minute

Herbal Foot bad + Aroma Oil  Massage 90 Min + Warm steam Herb Massage 30 Min

the special package for herbal treatment are carefully guided over the body and give our Spa guest the feeling of being gently touched by a Warm.The herbal scent unfolds and moves the guests into deep relaxation, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and helps with muscle tension

ca. 120 Min  189.-Fr