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Rücken, Brust Haarentfernung mit Warmwach für Männer
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by Anatta spa , we use Lycon waxing, with a hair removal you will experience the feeling of smooth and soft skin over several weeks, with natural ingredients and oils for excellent results. Our wax treatments are 100% hygienic. With a hair removal you are feeling a smooth and soft skin over multiple weeks experience.

waxing Biel

Contraindications (warmwaxing prohibited)

  • Allergy to wax
  • development of moles  or birthmark
  • varicose veins
  • Sunburn
  • injuries
  • diabetes
  • edema
  • Psoriasis and haemorrhagic diathesis (increased bleeding tendency)
  • Eczema

What do I have to consider after waxing?48 hours after waxing

  1. Sun and solarium: Do not go to the solarium 48 hours before and after waxing and avoid direct sunlight of the treated areas of the body.
  2. 48 hours after waxing, you should not sunbath, swimming pool and hot bath
  3. Even a sauna or sports is not recommended during this time.
  4. Do not use care products with chemical additives during this time. Perfumes, deodorants or creams can be alcohol and soaps after hair removal
  5. Exfoliation Regularly exfoliate the treated skin 48 hours after hair removal (once a week, depending on the skin type).
  6. We Waxing for teenagers from 16 years on. The children's skin is very sensitive and should not be treated with warm or hot wax.
  7. For skin irritations more than 48 hours please consult doctor or dermatologist

Tips for hair removal

  • The hair must be about 3mm or half a centimetre long, after 4 to 6 weeks the wax epilation must be repeated.
  • If your skin is reddened or irritated, including sunburn, waxing is also not possible if the skin is injured in some  part of body. Even areas of skin with development of mole or birthmark must be Prohibited for waxing.
  • Men waxing with us, they opt for a waxing. So annoying hair on the back or on the chest disappear. Often, armpits and arms are depilated, but we have no intimate area.
  • Skin reaction after waxing it depends, depending on how sensitive your skin is, small red spots may occur after waxing. These appear immediately after waxing / sugaring and disappear by themselves within a few hours. This is a normal skin reaction.

Hygiene at Waxing in Anatta spa

Hygiene is very important to us at Waxing, therefore:
  • We do not recycle wax. 
  • Our tools and surfaces are always expertly cleaned and disinfected.
  • In Brazilian Waxing, the wax is applied with new disposable spatulas. Contaminations (impurities) are thus prevented
  • we work with gloves ( non direct contact on the skin)
Price of waxing are depending on Additional zones, times, and the amount of hair, so the price will be change up on the service request at our Spa