What Are the Benefits of Sports Massage ?

Sports massage is a type of massage that can alleviate pain occurring in certain parts of the body, which can be caused by too much physical activity. This type of massage was originally developed to serve athletes and non-athletes .It is intended to prepare the body for maximum output, prevent injuries and aid in the body's recovery afterwards.

  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Prevent Stress and Pain Reduction    

 Do You Need a Sports Massage?

  • recovery is a hugely important part of your workout routine. After all, that's when your muscles actually rebuild what's been broken down during exercise. 
  • Our massage therapist ( Fabricio ) he can also show you self-maintenance techniques that will help your athletic endurance and performance between sports massages, like foam rolling and self-massage, warm up technique or Posture, Neutrition.
  • if you enjoy massage, you love to do sport and exercise, a sports massage should be the best choice to make you feel good. They're especially great if you're focused on your Sport Performance and functional dailly activity then you should get Sportsmassages regularly

How long does it Take?  

30 - 90 Minute depend on stage of healing process and cleint need .

  • Pre-Event: Short duration ( 30 mins) stimulating techniques, increase circulation and decrease tension without the relaxing side effects.
  • Intra-Event: May be used in between events and is similar to the pre-event techniques however may include more focused work such as Trigger Point Release, stretching.
  • Post-Event: Longer in duration (60-90 mins.) Relaxing techniques are used with some deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Static stretches 
How much it cost ?
30 Minute   60 .- Fr
​60 Minute 110.- Fr
​90 Minute 140.- Fr

Get 20 % off fir the first visit

​4 times 60 Minute Massage Packages 400.- Fr
Sportsmassage available only with Reservation  MON-TUE 8-18.00 Uhr  at ANATTA SPA  

The comunication before and during your massage session are very important, Our therapist will ask you a bit about about the types of activities you do, and then will focus specifically on the areas of the body most affected by that exercise. The various techniques can range from stretching and manipulating muscles to get in to your effective session.
written by Nopparat Gianfreda and Fabricio Wegner